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Company Culture
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  • Company Culture

    Company Culture

    Enterprise spirit: 
    Pragmatic, unity, and innovative。 

    Direction of development: 
    People-oriented, creating brand enterprises, expanding branches, creating opportunities for the company and employees' careers。 

    Business purpose: 
    Achieve three wins (customers win, company win, employees win)。

    Management goals: 
    Zero defects in design, zero defects in construction, and zero quality complaints。 

    Corporate slogan: 
    Today we pursue professionalism, tomorrow we are superior to others。 

    Team Philosophy: 
    Create corporate football culture. Business personnel are forwards; construction personnel are center forwards; supply personnel are guards; leaders are coaches; financial and administrative personnel Deng is logistics. All parties have sincere cooperation and good cooperation, in order to ensure that the enterprise team wins the competition in the market economy (indispensable) 。

    Welcome leaders from all walks of life come to visit,
    a total of great achievements!
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